VIDEO – Million Dollar Fireworks Display Explodes All At Once

Fireworks Display

Firework displays are often kinda long and boring, and you often wonder why they don’t just let all the fireworks off at once. Well, somebody did.

Fireworks Display

Yesterday, as you might have noticed if you have any American friends or were near a computer or read a newspaper or did anything, was the 4th of July – Independence Day. I guess it isn’t really celebrated over here (although my buddy did try and have a party where everyone went round to his and watched Independence Day. I think about two people showed up) but I know a few Americans so yesterday my Facebook was awash with stupid-ass status updates like ‘guys i’m having a 4th of july party at my house today i have a dunk tank and a keg and almost 100 hot dogs.’ You get the picture, it’s a pretty big deal over there.

Anyway, I think it’s like a tradition or something in America to shoot out a bunch of fireworks on Independence Day to signify freedom or whatever. The city of San Diego went really overboard this year by getting four boats worth of fireworks ready for the big day and were set to have a firework display that lasted about twenty minutes or something. But someone, somewhere completely screwed up the fireworks display and instead of letting them off gradually over the twenty minute period like a real firework display, they all went off at once so the display lasted about one minute instead of the scheduled twenty. Whoops!

I don’t think anyone was complaining though because it looks like it was fvcking awesome. I mean how could it not be? Whenever you go to a fireworks display you’re always like ‘well this is kinda cool but it’s also kinda long and all the fireworks are the same and it’s kinda boring actually’ whereas with this one it was like an all action wham-bam-thank-you-mam kinda display and everything was just happening all at once. Bang – no time to get bored because it’s already over and it was fvcking epic.

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube of the display, I tried to find the best ones but I couldn’t be bothered to watch them all (guess it does get kinda boring, but only if you watch them over and over again) so here’s three of the best ones I could find. The first one is really far away so you see all the fireworks from the different boats, the second one is a bit closer just of one boat and the last one is really up close. The up close one is definitely the best of the three, but you know – perspective is an important thing. Check them out below:

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