VIDEO: Parents Sent Kids To Therapy Over Super Nintendo In 1991

Video Mania

So back in 1991, adults were really suspicious of video games and sent their kids to therapy to deal with the condition they called Nintendpendent. Seriously.

Video Mania

I’m not sure why this clip of a news report on the Super Nintendo has just resurfaced but I’m glad it did because it’s fvcking lolz. It’s a special report on what the channel is calling ‘VIDEO MANIA” which doesn’t even really make any sense because that kind of implies that people are going manic about videos, not video games, right? Anyway, this special report has to be one of the most retarded things I’ve ever witnessed and it makes me kinda sad to think that stuff like this was happening only 20 years ago, and also that people actually looked like this 20 years ago as well.

The piece begins with a bunch of families in therapy because they can’t afford tob uy their kids Super Nintendos for Christmas, and the therapist explains that the children’s anger at not being allowed to get a Super Nintendo should be directed at the manufacturers of the game and not their parents. He also refers to them as ‘Nintendpendent.’ Seriously, Nintendpendent. I’m not making that up. I’m surprised that phrase never took off to be honest because it’s great. Oh wait, it isn’t, it’s completely horrible and stupid and doesn’t even sound good or make sense. He then goes on to claim that psychologists offices might be getting busier due to the arrival of Nintendo’s ‘new set of electronic video games.’ Again, that’s for real. It’s like a scientology promo video or something. It’s fucked.

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The best bit though is when the presenter comes onto the screen himself and then superimposes himself over a racer from F Zero as he goes on with his report. Yeah, somebody actually thought that was a good idea. It looks about as shit as you would imagine it to look, which is very. Anyway, there’s some more crap on it too about kids being brainwashed and video games being too expensive that I probably would have though was retarded in 1991 even though I was only 6 years old.

Check out the video below and have a little giggle:

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