VIDEO: Man Punches Bear Trap

Dude Punches Bear Trap

Do you know how a bear trap works? Why the hell would you think it was a good idea to punch one?

Well, this has got to be one of the stupidest actions I’ve ever seen anyone do in this history of forever. I’m sure everyone knows how a bear trap works in the sense that it instantly snaps shut on the bear (or whatever’s in it) when it’s touched so I have got absolutely no idea why the redneck idiot in this video thinks he has a chance of getting away by punching it. Of course, he doesn’t get away.

What makes the video even better though is that his friends are filming it for about a minute before he actually plucks up the courage to do it and the numerous false pumps he does before he actually does it really adds to the suspense and feeling of dread and horror when you’re watching it of just what is going to happen in moments.

Needless to say he’s acting all tough and American before he punches it but once he has it locked onto his arm he’s crying like a little bitch. I guess you just aren’t a real man until you’ve punched a bear trap.

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