Here’s A Video Of A Man Caught On CCTV Having Sex With A Drainpipe (NSFW)

Man sex drainpipe

Wouldn’t that chafe a bit?

Everyone has been at that position where you head out one night and really want to get laid but it doesn’t work out and you just end up getting really wasted and feeling sorry for yourself.

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Usually you would probably just end up going home and jerking off, but one dude came up with a special solution over in China when he spotted a drainpipe sticking out the side of someone’s house. Yeah, that’s right – he pulled down his pants and immediately stuck his dick in it and started humping it, in full view of a CCTV camera.

At one point he even seems to look straight at the CCTV camera but that doesn’t stop him getting off and he continues to keep pounding it. Trooper:

Oof. To be honest that drainpipe looks kind of thin in the first place, and I would also be worried that it would probably really chafe my dick with those edges. That’s only a theoretical situation though – I don’t think I could ever bring myself to actually fuck some gross drainpipe sticking out of the side of somebody’s house. That’s next level desperation.

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