This Video ‘Proves That We’re Living In A Computer Simulation’

There’s no denying it.

Ever since the release of The Matrix people have been positing the theory that life isn’t actually real and we’re all just living in a computer simulation, and why not? There are certainly a lot of arguments out there that make the whole idea highly plausible and smarter men than me think it’s true (hey Elon Musk), so you’ve got to at least entertain the idea.

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The video below lays out the full argument for the idea that we are all just living in a computer simulation a la The Sims. It’s a bit lengthy at eight minutes, but watch it and I’ll guarantee that your mind will be blown.

Pretty freaky right, and unfortunately there aren’t really that many holes in the argument either.

It might bum you out that we’re all just a computer simulation, but look on the bright side – you don’t really need to worry about anything anymore because nothing’s real. Bonus.

If you need any more evidence of this computer simulation theory, then check out Elon Musk talking about it. If the smartest man in the world thinks it, then it must be right, right?


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