VIDEO: Hey, Pass Me A Beer.

In Milkwaukee, when someone asks you to pass them a beer you don’t just hand it to them.

This is really cool. You know when you say to a buddy ‘Hey pass me the keys’ or ‘hey pass me a pen’ or ‘hey pas me X, Y or Z’ and they throw it to you and you catch it and it feels really good (obviously it’s cooler if you’re doing it with a bud who knows what’s going on, because he’ll make it a slightly harder catch for you so then when you do catch it, it feels even better) well it’s kind of like that. Normally I don’t play this ‘game’ with cans of beer because it’s kind of stupid throwing them around because as soon as you open them they’ll just fizz up and go everywhere. In this video though, it just makes it even cooler.

It’s basically two guys from Milwaukee who pass each other beers. That doesn’t sound too great right, well no but it gets better. First they’re dressed up kind of like a cross between the guys in the Beastie Boys video for Sabotage and that early 90’s indie movie In The Company Of Men. I don’t know if anyone but me has seen that movie but it’s pretty cool – it’s about two office workers who are so tired of sluts that they go out to deliberately screw over this deaf woman in their company by making her fall in love with both of them and then brutally dumping her. It’s cool.

Anyway, enough about that, these guys are dressed up and they’re passing each other beers all over the place, mainly using trampolines to bounce the beer off of it into the other guy’s hands. They also use slingshots, skateboards, fishing rods, flag poles and a bunch of other shit to pass each other beer. It’s really inventive and they ALWAYS catch them (I mean of course they do in the video, but it still looks cool) and open them and it goes everywhere. It looks really really awesome though. Check it out below:

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