Absolute Badman Breaks The Guinness World Record For Handstand Push Ups (VIDEO)

Most Amount Handstand Pushups

Painful to watch.

A handstand push up is probably one of the hardest things you can ever make your body do and I doubt many people reading this have even managed to attempt one, let alone try and break the world record for how many you can do in one minute.

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Just watching this video of a guy from Yerevan, Armenia named Manvel Mamoyan is excruciating. He manages to do an insane 27 push ups in about 48 seconds before giving up because his body is so completely and utterly trashed, but that’s impressive enough. When he’s doing the last couple of reps you can really tell that he’s feeling it and like I said, it’s excruciating to watch.

The rules were that for each dip his elbow had to reach 90 degrees or less and then his arm had to be straightened. He had to be in the handstand position at all times with his legs straight and his ankles in line throughout the attempt too:

Outrageously impressive. It’s kind of a shame that nobody there seems to give a fuck that he’s just broken an insanely hard world record, but I suppose that’s what happens when you’re going for some of these really obscure ones.

For another example of pushing your body to the limits, here’s a guy holding a plank for over six hours to break the world record.


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