Horrific Video Shows Girl Explaining Why She Thinks ‘Women Should Have Sex With Dogs’



There are some pretty weird people out there in this world, but even by today’s standards this one is a shocker to say the least.

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In a resurfaced video, an unnamed woman is shown explaining her reasons why she thinks women should have sex with their dogs.

Told you it was a shocker.

Yep, for some reason she seems to have swerved the human D and gone straight for poor Rover instead.

In case you’re interested, here’s a rundown of her thoughts:

Women in history have practiced it for pleasure, it’s documented for ancient Greece and Rome.

Dog-tongues can reach places that are hard to reach

Nobody can get pregnant

You cannot get an STD

It has been around since the beginning of time from and since 2000BC

It’s legal in some countries and states

It’s convenient

People like to think of it as a kink

Dogs don’t nag or complain and are silent companions

They are easy to train

I mean yeah, she’s obviously thought about this – but what she hasn’t taken into consideration is the one argument that trumps every point she could ever possibly make: DOGS ARE FOR CUDDLING, NOT SEX.

Now we’ve got that one cleared up and out of the way, here’s a woman who was arrested for having a threeway with her dogs. Someone make sure these two never meet.



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