Here’s A Video Of Gillian Anderson Jerking Off A Courgette

The video you didn’t know you needed.

Netflix’s new show ‘Sex Education’ has been a massive success and a second series has already been commissioned, but one of the standout performances came not from the kids but Gillian Anderson as kooky sex therapist and embarrassing mum Jean Milburn.

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Not satisfied with the already staggering success of the show, Netflix have decided to hype it up even more by sharing the following raw footage from ‘behind the scenes’ of the show featuring Anderson showing you how to jerk off your partner using a courgette alongside a pretty sexy narrative of the process. Anyone who watched The X Files as a teenager is going to want to book mark this as all your wet dreams are coming to fruition right here:

Oh man that really was too much wasn’t it, especially in that posh British accent. Think I’m just gonna have to finish this article right here because er, I’ve gotta rush off and do something real quick. Later.

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