This Video Of A Giant Piranha Feeding Session Is All Kinds Of Nope

Feeding Session


Being devoured by piranhas is something that I hope never happens to me or any of my close friends as it seems like an absolutely horrific and painful way to bow out of life, and after seeing videos like these it makes me even more aware of this fact.

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The animals featured in this video aren’t actually piranhas but the locals refer to them as giant piranhas because they pretty much might as well be. Their given name is the giant Trevally and judging by the video below, you absolutely positively do not wanna mess with these guys ever because you would be absolutely toast:

Whoa. I like the way they’re all already on it before the fish even hits the water. Like, as soon as the dude tosses it they all turn towards it and let rip and don’t let up until that fish is completely and utterly devoid of any meat on its body. I was hoping that at the end you would see a skeleton float to the top of the water, but no such luck.

Fortunately, giant Trevally don’t have any issue with humans apparently. If I ever encounter any of them I’m not gonna take the risk and go swimming with them though, let’s put it that way.

For more piranhas, check out another actual piranha feeding session from over in Brazil. Nope.


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