Piranha Attacks Are Even More Terrifying Than You Thought


Seriously brutal.

I’m pretty sure that even if you haven’t seen Piranha 3D – and if you haven’t then what are you playing at? – then you still have some idea of how terrifying and brutal a piranha attack would be and that you probably know to never go anywhere near them if you can possibly help it.

However, the reality of the viciousness of an attack caught on camera might still surprise you. In the video below, some Brazilian fisherman throw lumps of meat into piranha infested waters and their response time is literally nanoseconds as they go absolutely crazy devouring the food. What really gets me is how silent and still the water is before and after the attack, and yet literally the split second the meat touches the water they’re on it, prising the flesh off the bone as quickly as possible.

I do not want to find myself in the vicinity of piranhas any time soon, no way. Between this and the pacu fish – a fish that will literally eat your balls – South Americans haven’t got it that easy when they want to take a swim in the river.

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