A Video Has Emerged Of A Chinese Man Casually Eating Live Baby Mice For His Dinner

Is this the origin of Coronavirus?

We know that over in China things are very different in comparison with the Western world and that their eating habits are a huge part of this, but even for those guys over there this video is pretty out there.

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No news on where it comes from or when, but it basically sees a couple of Chinese guys sit down for a nice meal together with a bottle of wine. So far so good so casual, except for the fact that the meal is in fact live rats, which they then proceed to eat alive with their chopsticks like it’s chicken chow mein or whatever. Not cool.

Our friends over at World Star are the only place gross enough to host this video, so take a look at it below. Obviously we have to warn you that it’s pretty revolting though, so please don’t bother watching it if you’re just gonna get squeamish and upset about it.

Jesus. I dunno if it’s more horrifying that the guy is eating live mice or that his choice of accompaniment with them is slices of tomato and some weird sauce? Surely you need something more than that to spice up your meal, or just have them solo? The slices of tomato just seem like a piss poor choice of garnish for anything really, let alone live rats.

Of course, I jest and the fact that they’re eating live mice is completely and utterly horrific and gross. Not sure if this is a regular occurrence over there in China or what, but I’m guessing because we haven’t actually seen that much of it then it probably isn’t?

Also given the timing of the video, maybe there’s some element of responsibility of practices like this with regards to the origins of the Coronavirus. Bats aren’t that far away from mice now, are they?

For more of the same, check out this pretty rank video of prisoners eating live rats whilst high on flakka. Seriously messed up.


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