Live Stream Video Shows Prisoners Munching On Live Rats While High On Flakka

Inmates Flakka Rats

Jail must really get boring.

Prison must be a hell of a lonely place where you have a lot of time to kill and this really is the only reason for the video below to even exist.

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There’s not much information floating around about it, other than it shows some prisoners somewhere taking horror drug flakka and then deciding to ingest some live rats. If you think that sounds completely and utterly rank then you probably shouldn’t watch it, because it’s fully gross.

You’ve been warned:

That’s rank AF. I can’t even think why they would entertain that. Even if the fact one of them is shouting ‘Worldstar’ kind of indicates that they’re hoping for a lot of views off it, why the hell would anyone want to be famous for eating a live rat? That’s infamy not fame, but I suppose jail messes with your brain right? Screwed up.

For more people eating live rats, check out another weirdo filming himself eating a live baby rat. Is this a trend now?


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