Donald Trump Tweets Video Of Man Beating Up Elderly Patient In Nursing Home; Man Is Swiftly Arrested

Disgusting behaviour.

For once the internet was put to good use, yesterday as a video of a man beating up an elderly man in a nursing home emerged online and the culprit was arrested shortly afterwards after a number of celebrities shared it and led to him being tracked down.

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I’m not sure where the video first originated, but I first saw it when retired Hollywood actor James Woods was tweeting about it late last night. I woke up this morning and none other than President Donald Trump had also said something about it, and it turns out that the 20 year old man has now been arrested somewhere in Detroit on charges of assault and battery. He was working at the Westwood Nursing Home in the city, who claim that they were unaware of the video until yesterday.

Here’s a few of the (vague) celebrities that tweeted about the video, leading to the man’s swift arrest (video is actually really disturbing, so if you don’t want to see an old defenceless man get the shit kicked out of him, don’t watch it) :

A real ‘Don’t F*ck With Cats’ moment hey – I wonder if this incident will get a documentary made about it as well?

Another key point on this issue is the fact that a lot of people are trying to make it into a racial incident (hello Daily Mail, massive Republican James Woods etc) because the aggressor is black and the elderly man is white. Really don’t think that is doing anyone any favours right now, but I guess it’s how the current world situation is going to paint it. Not useful though so please move away from that narrative.

Someone else has tweeted the following, which reveals that the man’s name is Jaydon Haydon and that he was a patient at the nursing home and not a caregiver. It also features links to a video of similar activity from back in February as well as a bunch of weird YouTube rants. Not sure how accurate or legit it is, but thought it probably best to include it:

For more of the same, check out these two elderly men escaping a nursing home to go to a metal concert. Legends.


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