A Video Has Emerged Of The Woman Who Got Shot In The Capital Building Going On An Unhinged Rant

Surprise surprise.

We’re still reeling from the events of January 6th, where a bunch of protesters pretty much succeeded in occupying the Capitol Building and one woman was shot dead by guards as she tried to climb in through a window.

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Her name was Ashli Babbitt and she had travelled from the San Diego to demonstrate her support for President Trump on the fateful day. She had previously been a 14 year veteran of the US Air Force who had served four tours. RIP to her because I don’t think anyone should be killed when they’re protesting, although it is a slightly different prospect when you’re attempting to undermine democracy by storming a political institution and occupying it. Still, must suck for her family and friends and loved ones even if they’re probably far right activists.

Anyway, Babbitt’s Twitter timeline had numerous references and links to QAnon and other Far Right literature and ideas and today a video has emerged of her going on a rant about it all in her car – that’s the way a lot of these people like to get their points across. Check it out and see what you think:

Geez – what the hell is she even talking about there? It doesn’t really sound like she has a clue does she? Just banging on and on about nothing like the Karen that she probably was – it’s pretty much the exact stereotype of what a Trump supporter would act like, so it’s not really surprising that she ended up flying halfway across the country and participating in an attempted coup. The FBI etc should really be monitoring these kind of people, although maybe they’re in on it anyway depending on who you believe. RIP anyway.

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