Here’s A Video Of A Dog That Can Fit Six Tennis Balls In His Mouth

Excellent content.

There hasn’t been much to laugh and smile about during lockdown, but this fantastic video of a dog that can fit six tennis balls into its mouth is set to change all of that.

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The dog in question is Finley Molloy, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever from Canandaigua, Ontario County and his special talent is so extraordinary that the local news network decided to make a three minute long video about it. It’ll probably be your best three minutes of lockdown to be honest:

What a great little doggo. Great to see that he managed to turn something as mundane as putting tennis balls into his mouth into a Guinness World Record. Legend.

If you wanna consume more of this great content, then join 37,000 other people in following Finley’s Instagram account. Excellent.

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