VIDEO: Amazing Double Overhead Kick Goal

I don’t think this kind of goal has ever happened anywhere else before – the double overhead kick.

WOW! This is truly sensational, I have never EVER seen anything like it before. Back at uni when I was playing Pro Evo (it was Pro Evo back then, before FIFA made the comeback) all the time me and the dudes I used to live with always thought it was cool if someone ever managed to score a double header – it doesn’t happen that often in real life either, but Chucho Benitez did score a TRIPLE header against Liverpool for Birmingham once – but we never even considered the possibility that it was even possible to score a DOUBLE OVERHEAD KICK GOAL. In real life that is, let alone in Pro Evo/Fifa.

Somehow though, some weird Chinese or Arabic team managed to do it a couple of days ago. Check it out below. It really is incredible:

[yframe url=’!’]


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