Here’s A Video Of An Alpaca Getting Into The Smallest Taxi Ever

Alpaca Taxi

Watch your neck.

There are some things that I just never contemplated I would ever see in my life and one of those you can see below you.

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This video was taken from Peru where for some reason it seems a more sensible option for this person to take your aplaca inside the tiniest taxi that you can find rather than just riding it or walking it somewhere. Or perhaps the most obvious option – simply putting it in a much bigger taxi/truck/van. That seems like a much better idea to me but hey, what do I know?

Nevertheless, this is what happened and that’s what you can see in the video below, which is almost certain to brighten your day:

I mean yeah you can’t really help but smile at the ridiculousness of the situation there can you? Why even put the alpaca in the car in the first place and best of all, why not even have him face forward when he gets in the taxi but have his face right in front of yours for the duration of the journey in a really uncomfortable position. Surely it’s gonna be quite a way if they decided to get a taxi as well hey? So many questions that I fear I’ll never learn the answers to. The mind boggles.

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