This Video Of A 4 Year Old American Kid Locking And Loading A Gun Is Absolutely Terrifying


This is the knowledge American parents want to impart upon their youth.

It’s not exactly a secret that there’s a major problem with guns in America among the younger generation as there seems to be some kind of school shooting literally every week these days. That’s unfortunately not even an exaggeration on my part either.

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The obvious solution would seem to be to ban people from legally owning guns over there as it would make it a lot harder for people to get their hands on them, but unfortunately the right to bear arms is so entwined with the American mentality – at least in some cases – that it seems like this will never happen. The American obsession with firearms is neatly summarised in the quite terrifying video below, which shows some woman wondering around a gun show start talking to some little four year old kid who can reload and cock a massive gun with an unbelievable amount of ease despite the fact that he’s only four years old:

"That is adorable". #Extremist

Posted by Occupy London on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Geez. I don’t know how that woman thinks that this is cute and awesome and isn’t worrying about how long it’s going to take little Maverick (yep, pretty much the perfect name to give to someone who’s going to excel at this activity) to get his hands on a gun and use it to blow up the school when someone starts bullying him or taking the piss out of him when he’s sixteen. Scary.

What’s perhaps even more disturbing is that someone has obviously taught this little pip squeak how to do this and probably spent hours of their time doing so as well. Why couldn’t they have just spent this time teaching him how to do something useful like his maths homework or how to fix a car or something?. Blows my mind that this is the kind of knowledge parents want to instil upon their kids.

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