This Video Of A 15″ Chip Inn Meat Box With Curry Sauce Is Going Viral For Being So Grossly Delicious

Would you look at this.

It feels like it’s been a hot minute since we’ve featured any food based content on Sick Chirpse – probably because of the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic means that people aren’t eating out at restaurants so much – but thankfully this video of a 15″ Chip Inn Meat Box has gone viral and is giving us something to talk about.

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I think that Chip Inn is located in a suburb of Nottingham named Huthwaite if you ever want to visit and when they’re offering a meal like this for just £24 it would be kind of rude not to wouldn’t it? The gigantic box contains a whole bunch of chips, cheese on top of it, then a generous slathering of doner meat before being drenched with curry sauce.

If that sounds either disgusting or delicious to you, just wait until you see the video and it multiplies those feelings by a factor of at least ten:

Wow. Needless to say, the gigantic box has firmly split people down the middle as to whether it’s completely and utterly rank or the definition of edible bliss:

Don’t be afraid to tell us how you feel there guys. I think personally I would be going with the former. Would definitely be up for splitting one with a few mates after a night out though – just can’t see myself looking at it without almost retching when I was sober though sadly. Fair play if that’s your kind of thing though sure.

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