Here’s A VICE Documentary Investigating The Effects Of 5G Technology

is 5G responsible for Coronavirus?

One for he weirdest threads of the Coronavirus pandemic is the one where people are convinced that 5G radiation is responsible for everything that is going on right now and have taken to the street to burn down newly installed masts.

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I’m pretty convinced that this is pretty much nonsense, but thankfully VICE have decided to release a documentary looking into it where they talk to Dr David Robert Grimes, a cancer researcher and physicist at the University of Oxford and a whole bunch of people who have been protesting against 5G and claim that it’s ruining their lives. Take a look at this on your lunch break:

Lol you have to love the way that VICE position their documentaries to make one side of the argument look completely stupid but without actually having them say it themselves. There isn’t anything in there that I didn’t really think, but it is kind of distressing seeing that couple blaming all their problems on 5G and covering their house in bacon foil or that guy saying he wears his sunglasses 24/7 to protect him from the radiation. Don’t they know how ridiculous and idiotic they sound?

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