Vegans Outraged At Pub For Charging The Same Price For Cauliflower Steaks As Aberdeen Angus Steaks

Cauliflower Steak

Kinda a fair point?

If there’s one thing that vegans enjoy doing then it’s complaining, but they might actually have a fair point on this one as it’s come to light that one pub is charging the same for their vegan option of cauliflower steaks as their high quality Aberdeen Angus steaks.

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Anyone who knows anything about steaks knows that you always pay a bit extra for an Angus steak because it’s better quality meat or something – not really sure if too many people know the why, just that it happens – so I can kinda understand why as a vegan you might get a bit pissed about somewhere charging the same for cauliflower steaks as these top of the range Angus steaks. I mean vegan stuff isn’t always cheaper, but you would expect it to be cheaper than the best beef out there.

The culprits are the London pub chain Young’s and the ‘special offer’ – not sure who it’s exactly special for but sure – was highlighted by Twitter user Jamie Klingler:

I mean it is ridiculous to claim that a cauliflower steak – literally a cauliflower sliced in half – is worth £14 so for once I’m gonna be on the side of the vegans with this one. You can buy a cauliflower for about £1 even if you’re shopping at Marks and Spencer or Waitrose or somewhere like that. Even worse, Young’s actually tried to defend their outrageous price points by saying the following:

Both dishes are of premium quality, the vegan dish is an alternative for those who do not eat meat.

We also have other options available on our main menus.

Must be one hell of a cauliflower hey? Can’t deny that it’s a pretty good deal for anyone buying the Angus though – should probably take advantage of that if you’re anywhere near a Young’s in the near future.

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