Vegans Are Demanding That The Village Of Wool Changes Its Name Because It Promotes Cruelty To Animals

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Goddamn vegans.

In 2018 I don’t feel that vegans inspire the level of hatred that they once did – everyone seems a little more woke to the idea these days – but then you hear about something like this and it seems like we’re back to square one.

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PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – have written to the Parish council of the south west village of Wool demanding that it changes its name because it promotes cruelty to animals. I’m assuming that’s because wool comes from sheep and its obtained in ways that aren’t particularly nice to them. PETA are offering a blanket made of vegan wool for each of the 2000 inhabitants of the village if they go through with it as a little sweetener.

PETA director Elisa Allen said the following:

I’m writing on behalf of PETA with a suggestion that would put Wool in the spotlight and promote kindness to sheep: renaming the village ‘Vegan Wool’.

Why make this animal-friendly update? Unlike wool that is stolen from sheep, vegan wool is good for animals and the environment.

Sheep’s wool, on the other hand, has been shown to be a product of extreme cruelty.

CA recently released PETA Asia eyewitness investigation of the British wool industry revealed that shearers punched sheep in the face, stamped and stood on their heads and necks, and beat and jabbed them in the face with electric clippers.

Fast, rough shearing left sheep with large, bloody wounds that shearers crudely stitched up using a needle and thread – and no pain relief.

Several sheep even died during shearing from possible shock – or what one farmer called a ‘heart attack’.

With a simple name change, your village can take a stand against this cruelty and remind everyone that it’s easy to stay warm and be warmhearted to sheep by choosing vegan wool and other animal-free materials.

I mean whilst I’m all for using vegan wool instead of actual wool, I gotta say that this is an absolutely ridiculous request. I could kinda get behind them changing the name of the village – kinda – but to change it to fucking ‘Vegan Wool’ is just ridiculous. Nobody is gonna want to say that they’re from or live in ‘Vegan Wool’ and the chances of there not being someone that absolutely despises vegans in a village of 2000 people is slim to none.

PETA really need to wake up and get a clue that something like this isn’t going to work and is only going to make those who hate vegans hate them even more. Get a new marketing/PR guy or girl dudes, seriously. It’s doing absolutely nothing for progressive vegetarianism to pull dumb stunts like this.

Predictably, the city council are completely against this idea and a lot of villagers have actually said they’re actively offended by it. What did PETA honestly think was going to happen? Idiots.

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