Vegan Parents Forced To Give Up Child For Adoption Because He Was Malnourished

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Not enough protein.

Over in Milan, a vegan couple have been forced to give up their child for adoption after he was found to be severely malnourished.

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The 14-month-old baby weighed just 11 pounds, which is the same as a 3-month-old baby should weigh. He was taken by his grandparents to the hospital as they feared for his health. Once there, it was determined that he was severely malnourished, had insufficient calcium levels and required emergency surgery for a congenital heart defect.

Following on from that, the hospital opened an inquiry into his living situation and the police were also contacted so that the process of getting him away from his parents could begin. The courts will decide whether his grandparents will be allowed to become his legal guardians.


Director of paediatrics, Luca Bernardo, said the following:

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This forces us to reflect on uncommon feeding regimes, even if in this case it was complicated by a cardiac malformation.

It is not a problem to choose different or unusual kinds of nutrition and we certainly do not want to enter into a discussion of the merits of the decision.

But since birth, the baby should have had support in this case with calcium and iron.

Yeah, to be honest, I don’t think the fact that the kid’s parents were vegans really had anything to do with him ending up in the hospital – it was due to the fact that they were idiots and couldn’t see that he was really sick and needed some help. However unpopular vegans are with the mainstream, there’s enough evidence out there to support the fact that adopting a vegan diet won’t actually lead to you becoming weak and malnourished and having a heart defect – that’s just stupid.

It’s kind of funny for everyone who hates vegans though that stories like this exist. To be honest though, we’re OK with vegans as long as they don’t bang on about it all the time, and fully expect meat eating to die out fairly soon.


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