Extreme Vegan Mum Gets Arrested For Being Too Severe With Her Diet Plan


Too far.

A mother over in the U.S. who considers herself to be an ‘extreme vegan’ has been arrested for allegedly starving her 11-month-old baby.

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Elizabeth Hawk’s estranged husband said that she was so obsessed with the diet that she would only feed her son fruit and nuts, while he said that Hawk wanted to only live on sunlight and water. What an absolute nut job.

Family members said that as a result of her strict diet, her son had physical health issues including contracting a head-to-toe rash as well as problems with his motor-skills. Hawk tried to blame these issues on his allergies, but it’s quite obvious that he simply wasn’t getting enough nutrients.


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Hawk is now facing several charges for her treatment, while the court records show that the little boy’s doctor had said that not treating the rash was “inhumane” and that he was suffering from malnourishment.

Luckily since being handed over to the custody of his father, the boy’s health is improving considerably. Let’s just hope he sticks with his dad from now on, because his mother sounds like a fruit loop. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for the vegan diet, but fruit and nuts is not enough to sustain any person, let alone a baby who is supposed to be developing at a fast rate. That’s just plain cruel.

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