A Vegan Food Blogger Has Claimed That Eating Eggs Is Worse Than Smoking


The vegan lifestyle is fast becoming more and more popular in this country, but every now and again you do still read something from a vegan and can’t help but question how anyone can think something so ridiculous.

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The latest corker comes from a vegan food blogger called Plant Lover Barb, who is claiming that the cholesterol found in eggs makes eating them worse for you than smoking cigarettes. Pretty sure that’s never been clinically proven, but that hasn’t stopped Barb from letting Twitter know how she feels about it. Here’s what she had to say:

Yeah I mean, people did used to think that fat = putting on weight and there is a lot of cholesterol in eggs sure, but everyone now knows that it’s eating way too many calories that causes you to put on weight not just eating stuff that has a high fat content. Don’t think Barb here has really got her facts straight or is busy living back in the 1980s with her data. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet – eating eggs is relatively safe for everyone unless you suffer from pre-existing heart related problems. Go for it.

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