Watch This Vegan Go Into Complete Meltdown When He Finds Out His Pizza Isn’t Vegan (LIVE-STREAM)


YouTube ‘Powsimian’ is a hardcore vegan who dedicates much of his life to fighting the “animal holocaust” (his words).

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Nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s still pretty amusing watching him freak out after he realised he was eating a real cheese pizza during this live-stream.

Forward it to around 16:00 if the video doesn’t automatically do it:

Sorry dude, but if you’re going to insist on being a militant vegan then you’ve got to order from actual vegan places. A serious vegan doesn’t just call up a regular pizza place and ask them to prepare a vegan pizza and expect them to get it right. As if the migrants in the kitchen working on minimum wage give a fuck whether your pizza has animal products in it. You get what you pay for – lesson learned.

P.S. Need another reason to hate this guy? He’s a fucking cyclist too:

To be fair to the guy – here are 3 pro-vegetarian arguments that not even we can argue with.


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