Vegan Diets ‘Starve The Brains Of Unborn Babies Of Critical Nutrients’


The vegan revolution really has gathered a whole lot of steam in the past few years, but it seems like that there are even more people that oppose the diet than those who champion it.

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The latest hate towards the lifestyle comes courtesy of a BMJ article titled ‘Could we be overlooking a potential choline crisis in the United Kingdom?’ which features the following passage:

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Given the important physiological roles of choline and authorisation of certain health claims, it is questionable why choline has been overlooked for so long in the UK.

Choline is presenty excluded from UK food composition databases, major dietary surveys, and dietary guidelines.

The mounting evidence of choline’s importance makes it essential that it does not continue to be overlooked in the UK.

This is now more important than ever given that accelerated food trends towards plant-based diets/ veganism could have further ramifications on choline intake/status.’

Choline intakes are critical to infant development so supplements need to be taken by vegan women when they’re pregnant.

OK so I’m not really sure what choline is but it sounds important and also sounds like it’s not readily available in a vegan diet. A lot of people have said that it’s important to take supplements if you turn vegan – my old vegan housemate never stopped with the B12 – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad way to live your life. You’ve just gotta make sure that you get all the information and adjust your habits accordingly. You got this.

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