Study Shows A Huge Amount Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When They’re Drunk

Drunk eat meat

Secret eaters.

It’s been a pretty turbulent year with regards to diet choices. Although a record number of people have turned vegetarian or vegan in recent times, a new study showed that aggressive vegans (think PETA) are turning people off quitting the meat.

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To add to this ongoing struggle between meat-eaters and veggies, a survey of 1789 vegetarians found that 37% of them have eaten meat while drunk and 34% of those admitted to slipping every single time they get pissed. Meanwhile, only 22% said that they ‘rarely’ dropped their standards and indulged in a cheeky drunken burger.

This is a pretty significant chunk and many people will argue that you shouldn’t class yourself a vegetarian if you occasionally eat meat. I guess it depends how often you booze/how much meat you eat while out on the lash. If you’re sneakily taking a nibble of your mate’s burger once in a blue moon, then I think you’re still validated as a veggie. However, if you’re a full blown alcoholic who sinks a mixed meat doner kebab every time you’re smashed then you’re not really fulfilling the vegetarian criteria.


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George Charles, author of the study, commented:

I know a few ‘vegetarians’ who sometimes crave meat, but it seems that a few are giving into their cravings when drunk.

I think it’s important for friends of these ‘vegetarians’ to support them when drunk and urge them not to eat meat as I’m sure they regret it the next day.

No George, it’s not up to the friends to stop them. It’s up to the vegetarians themselves to refrain. Having said that, you can forgive them for giving in to the temptation of a juicy burger after a few pints. Sometimes those cravings are just too strong.


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