The most bizarre cooking program you’re ever likely to encounter. The title kind of says it all.

I honestly don’t really know what to say about this…. I think I both completely love it and think it’s UTTERLY STUPID in equal measures. A buddy sent it to me with the tagline “I’ve just discovered what the internet was invented for”, and to be honest I think that’s far better than any description I could come up with. It’s kind of like Jamie Oliver meets The Black Veil Brides…. only with a whole lot less Essex and a whole lot more Metal. Anyway here it is, I’d be impressed if anyone makes it all the way through – unless they really want to learn how to make vegan Pad Thai  – as it’s pretty long and pretty FUCKING BRUTAL, but I’d recommend at least staying till the preparation and cooking begins because that’s when SHIT GETS REAL.


Wow. I made it about 8 minutes in but that was with skipping. Obvious highlights for me include the array of FUCKING METAL cooking knives (a.k.a. baby killing knives) on display, as well as the beatdown centred around the words “CUT THE TOFU…..SPIN THE PLATE!” This guy obviously knows what he’s doing, although if you ask me the the one question posed by the whole thing is, if he’s so FUCKING BLACK METAL, you would surely think that he’s sacrificing goats and eating the hearts of virgins every night….so how could he be vegan?


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