Vegan Activists Stormed A Steakhouse And Played Audio From A Slaughterhouse


Leave us alone.

The vegan movement has grown massively over the past few years to the point where people don’t associate them with militant idiots getting in people’s faces and preaching all the time but there’s still a few of them out there that have to ruin it for everyone.

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This latest footage comes from Brighton, where a bunch of vegans decided to ruin not only their own Saturday night but also everyone having a nice meal out at Touro’s Steakhouse. The gang from Direct Action Everywhere ran in armed with plaques and speakers into the restaurant where one of them proceeded to deliver a 20 minute speech about the cruelty of eating meat and then play audio of what it sounds like inside a slaughterhouse.

Unsurprisingly, most of the guests weren’t that offended and just laughed at them or filmed them and went on tucking into their delicious steaks instead. The vegans did eventually leave and continue their protest outside which meant that they couldn’t be arrested when the police showed up. Most people agreed that their conduct had just been kind of annoying and I don’t think anyone was convinced to renounce meat because of their actions, so once again all they’ve done is encourage people that already hate the idea of veganism to hate vegans even more. Good one.

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