The Vatican Is Launching An Investigation Into The Pope ‘Liking’ A Picture Of An Instagram Model’s Butt

Let Pope Francis live.

It looks like the Vatican is not happy about Pope Francis clicking “like” on pictures of bikini models’ butts on Instagram, because an internal probe is reportedly underway.

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Sources told Catholic News Agency that the Vatican is investigating the Pope’s horniness around the pic of Natalia Garibotto dressed in a racy schoolgirl uniform.

If you missed it, the Pope was clocked ‘liking’ Natalia’s pic last week, but the Like then disappeared after the Catholic News Agency asked the Vatican’s press office to comment:

If only the Vatican acted this fast in the hundreds of years of child abuse and international coverups eh? At this point you’d think they could just send a spokesperson out to say “well at least the Pope isn’t liking photos of little boys” and everyone would just go oh yeah that’s true. Not that anyone sensible cares about the Pope liking pictures of Instagram models in the first place. What, does the Vatican think this keeps Pope Francis out of heaven or something?

In fact if the Vatican fully embraced this, I reckon they’d see a renewed interest in what they do. It might even be a smart Catholic church marketing technique. If Pope Francis Likes your Instagram photo – boom, you’re going to heaven. Might just be the way to reinvent Catholicism into 2021 and beyond.

As Natalia said…

What a winner. Does anyone reading this know of someone who has a problem with the Pope liking butts on Instagram? Come on Vatican, join the rest of us in the 21st century. Let Pope Francis live!


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