Pensioner Has Dead Wife’s Vagina Carved Into Her Gravestone



grave vagina

Okay, so when somebody who we’re close to dies, it’s pretty sad. It’s even worse if that person is your wife or husband or fiancee or shagging buddy or the MILF next door you’ve been boning as you realise that you’re gonna have to go out into the ugly world again and find someone who’s willing to let you stick your cock into them. And it’s hard work. It takes skill and practice and technique, like boiling the perfect egg or landing a crisp, luxurious lob on FIFA.

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It’s not so sad when people we don’t know die, as, well, we didn’t know them, so their expired existence on this planet means fvck all to us and it’s really fvcking annoying when people cry and pay tribute to ‘celebrities’ who’ve died as we all know where that can lead. Look no further than Jimmy ‘Scarecrow Paedophile Head’ Savile for a prime example. Loads of people reckoned they mourned his death but he was just a pathetic old piece of sewage scum who ruined loads of children’s lives because he’s a slimy cunt and I’m not the only one out there who is glad his grave got desecrated. They should dig up his body and stick leeches up the arse. But he’d probably like that. Even though he’s dead.

So, yeah, anyway, it’s sad when people we know die and most of us pay tribute by visiting their grave every so often and placing flowers there or other niceties. But this Serbian guy, Milan Marinkovic, has gone the extra mile and his tribute will last longer than any flowers.

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He had his wife’s vulva engraved into her tombstone. Seriously. Apparently, it was his wife’s wishes as Milan would then, in his words, “never look for another woman”. He paid â‚¬2,600 for the engraving and had a bit of trouble finding a sculptor who was willing to do it as many thought it was “blasphemous”. I’m not too sure whether this guy’s lost his marbles or whether it was actually his wife’s wishes, but either way, if Milan has blue balls one day and decides to shag the cement vag, we definitely need to have a video of the whole thing sent to us at Sick Chirpse. (Apart from the cumshot.)

This is what Milan has to say about the engraving:  “I love it and it’s a really good likeness. And this way, a part of her will always be with me.

“People from funerals and anniversaries of deaths, come to see the headstone with my wife’s vagina.”

Yeah. Nice one, guy. Check out the pictures:

tomb grave

grave vag

milan grave

grave vagina 1

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