Why You Should Use Diatomaceous Earth For Pests

Garden pests are a common occurrence in many farms and they come in many shapes and sizes which can make gardening very challenging. When pest numbers in your garden rise to unacceptable levels, the harm caused is usually more than aesthetic damage. Bugs such as caterpillars and bollworms can devour an entire crop field resulting in immeasurable losses to the farmer. 

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This is why it is important to keep your garden pest-free at all times. However, the use of harsh pesticides not only pollutes the soil but has also been linked to causing several diseases such as asthma, reproductive problems, and cancer. Did you know that exposure to these harmful pesticides continues long after the pest control has been completed? Pesticide residues can lurk inside your home and can be absorbed into your system through your lungs or skin. To avoid all these harmful consequences, why not switch to a safer and natural alternative such as diatomaceous earth?

What is diatomaceous earth? 

Diatomaceous earth, simply known as DE is a natural, non-toxic pest control substance that is extracted from specific lakebed deposits. DE is made up of fossilized remains of small, ancient aquatic organisms. These organisms had skeletons that were made up of a substance known as silica. The silica-rich shells from these aquatic organisms are what is mined from the huge reserves found in the United States, Chile, France, and China and ground to become a powder which we commonly refer to as diatomaceous earth. 

Why should you use diatomaceous earth for pests in your garden? Here are three reasons why.

  1. It Is Non-Toxic to Humans and Pets

The FDA lists the food grade diatomaceous earth as safe for humans therefore you can spray it around your house and farm without worrying that it will harm your children or pets. When the diatomaceous earth comes into contact with the insects or pests, it removes the waxy outer coating from the destructive bug. Without this coating, the bug will not be able to retain water and will eventually die from dehydration. 

However, if you are particularly sensitive to particles or you suffer from asthma or any other breathing condition, be sure to put on a dust mask to avoid a coughing fit or a temporary irritation. 

  1. Diatomaceous Earth Is Inexpensive

DE is a natural, cheap, and effective way to free your garden and home from disease-causing pests. Compared to using expensive chemicals for controlling pests, DE is cheaper and the perfect alternative for farmers who want to live the natural life. Diatomaceous earth is available in most large home stores but you can always buy your bag from the Redbud Soil Company. One great advantage of buying from Redbud is that they buy in bulk and repackage and this enables them to transfer those savings to you as the customer. You can also order your diatomaceous earth online from the Redbud website and have it delivered to your garden in just a few days. 

  1. It Can Discourage Rodents from Invading Your Garden

Rodents such as mice and moles can wreak havoc in your garden especially if you leave them to multiply for too long. The best way to stop rodents from destroying your farm is by discouraging them from visiting in the first place. Since they are known to have aversions to strong peppermint and citrus smells you can mix a few drops of peppermint oil with DE and sprinkle liberally all over the farm to keep the rodents away.


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