Usain Bolt Just Got Pictured In Bed With A 20-Year-Old Student

Usain Bolt Jady Duarte


Looks like it’s not just the racing tracks Usain Bolt has been smashing this year.

The record-breaking sprinter just got pictured in bed with a 20-year-old student, following his 30th birthday celebrations.

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The pictures were shared on WhatsApp by Jady Duarte and have since been doing the rounds. In one he’s lying half naked with his arm around her (both looking pretty red-eyed might I add) and in the other they’re looking pretty damn close.



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I wonder what his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, is going to have to say about this?

Usain Bolt Kasi Bennett

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I mean, obviously Usain was going to celebrate hard after winning three gold medals at the Olympics – but if you’re going to cheat on your girlfriend, probably best not to photograph the evidence, am I right?

After the pictures emerged, Kasi sent out the following tweet:

I wish there was no discovery, but thank you so much. That’s really sweet of you.

Not really sure who that’s aimed at but it must be something to do with the pictures. Better get your running shoes on Usain, because Kasi is going to be coming after you.

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