Usain Bolt Has Actually Scored A Goal In Professional Football (VIDEO)


Usain Bolt’s quest to become a professional footballer is one of the weirder stories kicking around in sport, but it looks like everyone who laughed at him might have to shut up now because he has actually managed to score a goal for his team Central Coast Mariners.

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Whilst many people dismissed his signing as a commercial ploy to bring interest to the team and sell t -shirts, it looks as though Usain might actually be able to do the business as well as he managed to slam the ball into the onion bag last night. The CCM were playing Macarthur South West in a meaningless friendly and Bolt had apparently done enough in training to warrant a start and he scored not one, but two goals.

Check them out below:

I mean the first one is kinda sick to be fair to the guy, although maybe the keeper could have got down quicker. The second one is a major joke which kinda makes me think maybe the keeper was bribed to not save any shots from Bolt and allow him to score as many times as possible? Maybe?

Anyway even if that is true I’m pretty sure Bolt himself wouldn’t be involved with it so fair play to him for living out his dream (again) and going for it. An inspiration to us all.

For more Usain Bolt, check out his stepovers on his debut for the CCM. Legend.


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