US Radio Host Absolutely Nails Jason Statham Impression In Front Of Jason Statham

Radio Host Jason Statham Impression

Jason Statham absolutely loves it.

Whatever you think of his acting talent, you can’t deny that Jason Statham has a very unique voice and a very unique delivery of lines that give him an unmistakable persona.

This radio host has recognised this and obviously spent a lot of time practicing his Jason Statham impression in the mirror because when Statham turned up as a guest on his show, he had his routine down. I won’t spoil it by explaining what he says in the text but it’s a pretty good skit and it’s only made better by the fact that he absolutely nails his Jason Statham impression as well, so much so that he even gets a fist bump from the man himself. Worthy.

And if you ever need proof that Jason Statham isn’t as hard as you think he is, then check out this music video where he’s grinding in leopard skin panties to some weird 90s dance music.

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