US Governor Resigns Over Affair Featuring The Cringiest Sexts In History

Rate this guy’s sext game out of 10.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is currently cringing himself to death, after embarrassing sexts between him and an employee half his age were leaked online.

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Bentley resigned this week and said he would never seek public office again.

Apparently, Bentley used his bodyguard and the police to intimidate people who knew about the affair. His wife of 50 years has filed for divorce.

That’s not the real story here though. Get a load of Bentley’s downright embarrassing sexting technique:






Anyone else just puke their guts out? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lamer exchange of texts between a man and woman in all my life.

It’s even more painful when you learn how Bentley got caught. Classic case of an old man not being up to speed with technology:

Unbeknownst to the governor and Mason, the frequent romantic texts they exchanged were all visible to Dianne Bentley. The governor’s state-issued cell phone’s cloud was linked to his state-issued iPad, which he had gifted to his then-wife, allowing her to watch the rumored affair unfold in real time.

In spring 2014, he also mistakenly sent a text to his wife reading, “I love you Rebekah,” along with an emoji of a red rose.

Perhaps the most incompetent cheater of all time. At least he wasn’t busted live on camera like this guy however.


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