Guy Gets Busted In Public By Both Girlfriends He’s Cheating On (VIDEO)

You don’t want to be this guy right now.

These two girls somehow realised that they were dating the same guy, so they decided to handle it in the most 2016 way possible — take him to a public place, confront him about it, catch the whole thing on tape and secure themselves some viral video goodness!

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Watch below:

Welp, definitely a good idea doing that in public then. Some guys might’ve just said sorry and walked away but Sam here legit looked like he was ready to choke someone to death.

After all, what kind of lunatic gives a ring to two girls? He probably had no idea how to get out of that situation so on some level should probably be relieved he got caught. Dumb-ass would’ve probably ended up trying to marry them both because he couldn’t figure out a way out of it.

Oppositely, here’s what happens when two guys expose their girlfriend as a cheater.


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