Upskirting Is Now A Specific Crime That Can Get You Sentenced To Two Years In Prison


The law has changed.

Upskirting has been a problem for some time now, as pervy guys seemed to think it was OK travelling around looking under girls’ skirts in public places and sometimes even daring to take pictures of them.

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News flash: it isn’t. Most of the population knows this – or at least I hope they do – but now the profile of the offence has now been raised in an effort to get the message through to everyone that it is not OK. As of today, upskirting is a criminal offence that could now lead to a two year prison sentence.

This change in the law has come thanks to the efforts of one woman named Gina Martin, who was upskirted herself by two men at a music festival and has campaigned for this change ever since. Here’s what she had to say about her victory:

After 18 months of tireless work, today we’ve finally done it. As the Queen formally agrees to make our bill into an Act of Parliament, we should see this campaign as not only essential legislative change, but also proof that normal people and grassroots campaigning can make a real difference.

It’s a reminder to, instead of saying ‘someone should do something about this’, be that someone.

By the end of the day upskirting will be a specific sexual offence and within a few months our law will be useable. It has been a long time coming but we are finally protected in every scenario – as we should always have been.

I mean yeah fair play to her, you’ve gotta rate someone who actually goes through with something like this and succeeds in getting the law changed. Even more impressive that it happened in 18 months as well. Like she says, it’s something that needs to happen as well so that so many guys aren’t going around creeping on girls all the time. Right on.

For more upskirting, check out this Calvin Klein advert. That isn’t going down anymore.


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