Calvin Klein Accused Of Marketing To Perverts With This New Upskirt Advert


Calvin Klein’s new underwear ad has people’s panties in a bunch and for good reason, you might say.

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The ad features model Klara Kristin being photographed from below by UK photographer Harvey Weir. The viewer gets a sneak peek under her dress to see her patterned CK underwear. Casual.

The image, part of CK’s Spring 2016 underwear campaign that includes the caption “I flash in my Calvins” has been kicking up controversy since it was shared onto Instagram earlier:

Take a peek: @karate_katia, photographed by @harleyweir for the Spring 2016 advertising campaign. #mycalvins

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People claim the ad is “perverted and sexist” and “glamorises unwanted sexual attention.” Some also claim it “romanticises paedophilia-loving peeping Toms who prey on underage women.”

Meanwhile, those defending the ad point out that Kristin is 23-years-old so the paedophilia angle is nonsense. They also say Calvin Klein are known for their salacious ads so this one shouldn’t really come as much of a shock.

Paper magazine editor Peter Davis downplayed the scandal:

A peek up actress Klara Kristin’s skirt to glimpse her CK panties is not kiddie porn — it’s sexy and sex sells. And Klara isn’t 15.

Pretty controversial really. What I don’t get is how this is a good sell for the women who want to buy CK underwear? Do girls look at this advert and think “I’d love random guys looking up my dress at my polka dot undies!” I guess that’s why I’m a blogger and Calvin Klein is Calvin Klein. For all I know upskirt photos sell underwear by the truck load.

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