Someone Has Created This Season’s Football Strips In The Style Of Awful 90s Designs And They Kind Of Rule

Manchester united Updated 90s Strip

Manchester United would never have been losing 3-0 to Southampton at half time if they had been wearing this strip.

It’s well known that there were A LOT of awful football strips in the 90s, and it’s perhaps even more fascinating that many of these strips belonged to some of the biggest teams in the world. What the hell was going through their heads when they commissioned such monstrosities? To be fair, what the hell was going through any of our heads with most things that we did in the 90s.

The guys over at LaCasaca have decided to give some of these strips a second try though, and redesign them in 2015 in an effort to actually come up with a good 3rd strip for a team for once in history. The company picked the most bizarre or criticised design in the history of 9 iconic clubs – Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Ajax, River Plate and Chivas – and went about updating them.

You might think that the results would be absolutely terrible but in fact their the exact opposite, and probably look better than most of the shirts that were actually released this season. Maybe get these guys a job for next season? In each slide you’ll see the original shirt, the literal transfer to a shirt now and then the update final design. I want them all basically.

(Click the arrows below to navigate through the slides.)

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 1

Real Madrid 2

Real Madrid 3

Real Madrid 4

Real Madrid 5

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