Listen To Kurt Cobain’s Unreleased Solo Song ‘Sappy’ Right Here

Kurt Cobain

This one isn’t going to be taken down.

In recent months a bunch of unreleased Nirvana demos and live cuts have emerged online, but most of them have swiftly been taken down by the powers that be.

It turns out that that’s because Sony are planning on releasing a bunch of the unreleased songs discovered by Montage Of Heck director Brett Morgen as a Kurt Cobain solo album on November 13th, fittingly entitled Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings. They’re also planning on releasing a Kurt Cobain 7 inch one week after this, which will feature a cover of The Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’ and an early demo version of the Nirvana song Sappy. They’ve actually released Sappy onto to the Internet now (and they’re not going to take it down) so you can actually listen to it below.

Ok, it’s not exactly that mind-blowing, but it’s still pretty cool that we can listen to new (kinda) Nirvana/Kurt Cobain recordings even though he died over 20 years ago. And we’ve got a whole album to look forward to in just over a month too.

Although some Nirvana super fans are moaning that this version of Sappy has been around in one or more various guises over the years over the Internet, this is now an official version and is by far the cleanest mix that we’ve encountered of it so far. So basically quit moaning and appreciate it, and then check out these awesome photos from Nirvana’s 1989 European tour afterwards.


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