The Unreal 4 Engine Is The Most Realistic Video Game Engine You Will Ever See And Will Completely Blow Your Mind

Unreal Paris

Try showing this to your mum and seeing if it she thinks it’s real or not.

This is called Unreal Paris which kind of made me think it would be a computer game version of Paris, but it’s actually just a guy walking around a Parisian apartment. However, although that does sound kind of lame the graphics are so spectacular that you probably won’t even be able to tell that they’re graphics – they’re that realistic.

Unfortunately a lot of haters are saying that it’ll be a long time before video games look like this in reality – once you add other characters and guns shooting etc etc, the quality of the work and frame rate will go down – but you’ve got to appreciate just how amazing all this looks, especially if you were playing Duke Nukem 3D like me back in the day.


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