Duke Nukem forever drops on Friday ending a 12 year wait. Here’s a new launch trailer so you can get that pre-order in.

A while ago we featured a trailer to the new Duke Nukem game, Duke Nukem Forever, and I questioned whether or not I was actually excited enough about video games to justify buying it and playing through it, and more importantly if it would be any good or not – has Duke Nukem still got it? I still don’t really know the answers to these questions – there don’t seem to be any reviews of it on the internet anywhere yet, which is kind of weird – but my anticipation and uncertainty over whether or not to buy it has increased following the release of another new trailer. This Duke Nukem Forever trailer is probably even better than the first one, as it features two lesbian schoolgirls making out and a song by Mickey Avalon as the soundtrack. Check it out below:

Apparently a new demo has been released to those people that have pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever too. I didn’t pre-order Duke Nukem forever yet so I haven’t been able to play it; the blogosphere doesn’t seem to have been that happy with it from what I’ve seen so far though. Some famous video game blogger called Sugoli said ‘The mouse smoothing and acceleration on Duke Nukem Forever make it feel really clunky, which combined with the freakin’ tiny FOV (feels sub-70, probably thrown off by the mouse wonkiness) just makes the entire thing seem awkward’ and another dude called HouseholdHacker said ‘Tried the new Duke Nukem Forever demo that was just released. Pretty lame, not gonna lie.’ Other criticisms have included that it isn’t funny, the guns are stupid and that the handling when you’re driving vehicles is really bad. I guess after a 12 year wait it was only going to be disappoiting, right?

Has this been enough to put me off ordering it? Perhaps, I’m kinda still weighing it up but I think I’m going to do it. Another thing that puts me off is that the game is allegeldy 20 hours long – do I actually have 20 hours to play a video game!? I mean I can probably find 20 hours somewhere over the course of the next year or whatever but you kinda wanna get stuck in and just do it straight away. I don’t think I’ve played a game properly since I tried to complete Resident Evil 4 and got kinda bored halfway through. I think the last FPS game I played properly was Half Life 2 about 6 or 7 years ago so it will be a test to see whether I can get through it or not. I think I’m gonna order it though, mainly because of the existence of the Duke Nukem: Balls of Steel Collector’s Edition. It’s about £15 more but you get loads of really cool (or geeky depending which side of the divide you fall down upon) extra Duke Nukem stuff. Like a bust of Duke Nukem’s head. And a Duke Nukem poker chip. And a Duke Nukem comic book. And a Duke Nukem mini card deck. And a Duke Nukem dice. All things which i definitely need in my life after a 12 year absence of Duke Nukem. So yeah I think I’m definitely gonna pick up that edition of the game. Just look at how cool all the Duke Nukem merch is! Hail to the king, baby.


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