How To Unlock Your Car Without Your Keys

Car Keys

If you’re like me you were probably really into stuff like lock picking, hacking, pick pocketing and other ‘cool’ guy kinda stuff when you were younger, and would have loved to have known this trick back when you were a spotty school kid so you could show off to all your friends and chicks you were trying to get with.

Car KeysWhen I was a kid I used to be fascinated with stuff like lock picking, hacking, pick pocketing and other ‘cool’ guy kinda stuff. Admittedly I was never any good at any of those as I didn’t ever really give my attention to learning any as a skill. The only thing I managed to perfect was the match-head tennis ball bomb taken from the Jolly Roger’s Anarchist Cookbook which involved filling a tennis ball with match-heads and bouncing it off the ground so the match-heads ignited each other when they scraped side by side causing a not very impressive tennis ball that was on fire. Kinda lame really.

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The guy in this video however has managed to totally perfect the art of unlocking his car without the use of his car keys. Now this would only be useful if you’d managed to lock your car with your keys but then in the same breathe managed to lose your keys and realised you’d left something in the car that you desperately needed. This trick also wouldn’t be any good if you were planning on stealing a car as you couldn’t start the car with this guy’s tools of the trade, a piece of string.

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Also, this trick would never work on a newish car (or anything post P reg by the looks of it) as it really is a basic trick that doesn’t really use too much in terms of technical know how or anything from a master car jacker’s toolkit. Either way, it’s a pretty nifty trick to show your buddies if one of them happens to be in the possession of a banged up Clio.

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