University Halls Face Devastating Backlash For Organising ‘Slave’ Themed Party

Slave night

Beyond offensive.

A university halls of residence has come under fire after organising a ‘slave night’ for its freshers’ week.

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Party planners at Faraday Halls at Loughborough University planned a ‘slave night’ and ‘slave auction’ over two nights for this October.

Following a load of complaints made by students from the uni’s African-Caribbean Society, the organisers pulled the event.

The controversy didn’t end there. A member of the Ethnic Minorities Network (EMN) contacted Hannah Keating to complain about the event and ask for its cancellation and apology. As the tweet below shows, Hannah initially rejected the apology, saying she thinks that “diversity training” would be more appropriate.

However, following further criticism from the EMN and other groups, the post was taken off Facebook and an apology was made.

Richard Taylor, Loughborough University’s Chief Operating Officer, said:

This type of event is not appropriate and has no place at the University. Working with the Students’ Union, the University will sit down with students on their return and explore why this event was proposed and what we need to do better in the future so that this does not happen again.

Looks like they’ve finally recoiled with their tails between their legs. And too right – you can’ be using slavery as a party theme. Not cool guys.

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