American University Blinded Beagle Puppies With Acid Then Murdered Them

Give this entire school the death penalty.

An animal rescue organisation is suing researchers at the University of Missouri, after they purposely blinded six beagle puppies for a study and then killed them after the results were inconclusive.

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Via NY Daily News:

In a study published on April 7, four researchers at the university were looking to find the effects of topical hyaluronic acid to heal eye damage in dogs for its pilot study.

After the six beagles — all less than a year old — were purposely blinded in their left eyes. The researchers split them up into two different groups, one that received the acid for treatment, and one that didn’t.

Neither group of the puppies in the experiment recovered from the severe damage to their eye.

All six were killed after the pilot study was over, with the damaged eyes removed and stored for future research.


Don’t worry though, the dogs were as “comfortable as possible” during the study.

The university has defended its study, telling the Daily News that animal research was necessary to find answers to “some of the most important medical questions.”

“Since dogs share similar eye characteristics with people, they are ideal candidates for corneal studies,” Mary Jo Banken, a spokeswoman with the school, said in a statement.

She added that the dogs were “as comfortable as possible” during the tests.


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Phew! At least those little puppies were as comfortable as possible while they were having acid poured into their eye balls. Probably had really soft blankets in their cages and the tastiest treats known to man before they were murdered.

Just straight up depressing. Here’s a video of a group of beagles experiencing sunlight and grass for the first time to make up for it.


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