Universe People: Crap Name For A Cult, Even Crapper Website

If you mix a weird cult with lashings of rubbish drawings I will be smiling all the way to Christmas 2018. Meet my newest friends: the Universe People

I quite enjoy reading about the fuzzy fringes of religion, it’s cool to see how far and fast the human brain can fall. Of all the weird and wacky beliefs I’ve read about I think UFO cults are my favourite genre. So you can imagine my joy when I came across the Universe People, an odd ball movement from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I love everything about the Universe People already, just from the name. But wait until you hear the name of their founder: Ivo A. Benda. Completely awesome. Benda started his religious endeavour after an encounter with an extraterrestrial life form called Ashtar Sheran in 1997. His relationship with this ET flourished and for some reason Ashtar decided to spill his guts to Benda about what’s going on and what we should all be doing with our lives.

Universe People Art - Saurian Warning

In my opinion the coolest thing about the movement, by far, is the garish luminosity of their sprawling internet presence. I just have to share some of the “art” with you. It’s bewildering, yet calming. And of course mental.

Universe People Art - Weird

Benda has done hundreds of lectures, visited more than 12,000 individuals and wrote more books and pamphlets than you could shake a pencil at. Benda has also made it on to prime time Czech TV shows too. He believes he is a mouth piece for a friendly alien race that are warning us of our sinful and dangerous life styles. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, call it bizarre psychotic delusions. I think I know which side of the fence I would fall on.

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