Here Are 12 Pictures Of The Most Unique And Remarkable Animal Genitalia You Will Ever See

Animal Genitalia Featured

This is something I’ve never really considered but it’s completely and utterly weird.

Obviously the creatures that make up the animal kingdom are packing their own set of dangly bits just like the rest of us, but as I’m not a biologist or anything like that I’ve never really considered the different shapes and sizes they’d come in.

Well, upon stumbling across this collection of photographs of animal genitalia, my mind has been completely and utterly blown. Basically, almost all animal genitalia is completely and utterly weird and to be honest you might not even know it was their genitalia unless I pointed it out to you in this slideshow.

The whole collection came about because scientists started tweeting pictures of animal genitalia to each other with the hashtag #JunkOff. Those crazy scientist cats sure know how to have some fun eh? But seriously we’re glad they started doing that because without them then we never would have got to feast our eyes on what various animals use to reproduce. Like I said, it really is an eye opener – that’s a harbour porpoise up top by the way in case you didn’t realise.

You can check out all the pictures on the slideshow below.

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